• Rurtalsperre Schwammenauel

    Rurtalsperre Schwammenauel, Heimbach, Germany .

    The Rur dam Schwammenauel is a 77.4 metre high reservoir that has existed since 1938 in the south-west of North Rhine-Westphalia in the far west of Germany. It dams up the Rur in the border area between the city region of Aachen and the district of Düren to form the 7.83 km² Rur reservoir.

  • Castle Hengebach - Eifelview

    Hengebachstraße 48, 52396 Heimbach, Germany .

    Hengebach Castle is located in Heimbach, a town in the northern Eifel, above the River Rur in the district of Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia. The hilltop castle is a 12th to 14th century oval ring castle complex built on a ridge rising freely from the Rur valley 216 metres above sea level.